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  1. Volume 07, page 102 view | image
    . Another response all on fire With enthusiasm comes from Denver and another from Dos Angeles, all eager to serve as two dear maid-servants who are footloose, offer themselves as teachers to go- into the states mentioned in the Tablet, earning their living as they go, one as stenographer and the other as nurse. I tell you this to show you What an effect just one of the series of five Tablets has had upon the friends already. Cne of our dearest Bahais, Mrs. Susan Rice, spent her vacation in Alaska
    with great eagerness Went to stay at W'iseman, the most northerly point that is now inhabited. Mrs. Rice is in touch with all these places. Mr. Dunn has also a. sister-in-law in Alaska. Right here another suggestion--any of the friends who have Points of con- tact in any state should Write to the sections Where the 'Tablets have been received, so that all such information can be in hand as soon as possible. Like all Bahai Work planned for us by Abdul~Baha, it is so much bigger than We realize, that We

  2. Volume 07, page 28 view | image
    , of Spokane; Miss Mar- garet Green, of Juneau, Alaska; Mr. and Mrs. Frankland, Tropico; Miss Edna McKinney, of Boston, and H. H. Top- akyan, of New York. These last six will be forwarded in the course of this week, thus bringing the number o-f tablets up to seventeen. Is not this splendid that at last you have direct word from the source of light"? Now that the door is open, I hope it may not be closed in the future. Except the number of the STAR or THE WEST that you mailed with your last letter, I have

  3. Volume 10, page 280 view | image
    presented herewith are addressed to the Bahai Assemblies of the United States and Canada, instructing them to spread the principles of in Alaska, Mexico, Central America, South America and the '\/Vest Indies. The first Tablet was revealed in the Garden of Bahjee, Saturday morning, April 8th, 1916; the second Tablet was revealed on Thurs- day March 8th, 1917, at Haifa, Palestine.-The Editors.

  4. Volume 10, page 281 view | image
    STAR OF THE WEST Z81 It is this: Alaska is a vast country. Although one of the maid-servants of the Merciful has hastened to those parts, serving as a librarian in the public library, and according to her ability is not failing in teaching the Cause, yet the call of the Kingdom of God is not yet raised through that spacious territory. His Holiness Christ says: Travel ye to the East and to the \Vest of the world and summon the people to the Kingdom of God. Hence the mercy of God must encompass
    the people. Perchance, God willing, the lights of the Most Great Guidance may illumine that country and the breezes of the rose-garden of the love of God may perfume the nostrils of the inhabitants of Alaska. Should ye become confirmed in thus rendering such a service, rest ye assured that ye shall crown your heads with the diadem of everlasting sovereignty, and at the Threshold of Oneness you will become the favored and accepted servants. Likewise the Republic of Mexico is very important. The majority

  5. Volume 10, page 284 view | image
    in the Gospel: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit." Therefore, ye believers of God in the United States and Canada! Select ye important personages, or that they go themselves, becoming severed from rest and composure of the world, may arise and travel throughout Alaska, the Republic of Mexico, and South of Mexico, in the Central American Republics, such as Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize; and through the great

  6. Volume 10, page 35 view | image
    of the sea, up in Alaska, down in uttermost Africa, so universal is its diffusion--a dynamic movement that penetrates, by virtue ofits tremen- dous truth and vitalness, silently, cease- lessly, resistlessly, into the great heart of humanity. . The Bahai Movement had its origin in 1844, when, on the 23d day of May, a Persian youth, calling himself the Bab or Gate, arose among his and proclaimed the coming of the uni- versal Teacher of Men, the Great One, whose appearance had been anticipated

  7. Volume 11, page 191 view | image
    50.0-0 Atlantic City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.00 Cincinnati . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 Montclair5.00 A pledge 100.00 Washington, pledged . . . . . . . . 10.00 Atlantic City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.00 From the Sardos of Alaska. .. 6.00 Riverton Assembly, N. ., pledged . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.00 Boston Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 Montclair5.00 Southern California, pledged. . 100.00 Spokane, Wash., pledged. . . . . 50.00 In arranging

  8. Volume 11, page 62 view | image
    of the millions or it Will never spread; self-sacrifice is the flame of love in the hearts." Mrs. H. Emogene Hoagg, who has spent some time teaching in Alaska. was next introduced: "Self-sacrifice," she said, "is given back to us in the great joy of this reunion. We think of Alaska as the frozen North. It is frozen neither outwardly nor inwardly. Sometimes there is no snow and the hearts are full of kindness and love. There are over nine millions of respectful, well- bred people. They are most apprecia- tive

  9. Volume 13, page 122 view | image
    Tidings of the new day of unity. She has been to Alaska and the great Northwest. Her home is in New Brunswick. Her father was a general. Abdul Baha often called her a general, too. She is seeking to muster one by one the soldiers of the army of light, who, as the Wise Zoroaster three milleniums my heart wherever I went. I read the books they had Written. I talked with men and Women who had come to love them; and then, like a gift from an un- seen hand, came the realization that this glorious new

  10. Volume 14, page 60 view | image
    60 THE CONVENTION IN CHICAGO from Egypt, Constantinople, Syria, Pal- estine; from New Zealand, the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska, as well as from the cities of America and Europe. Some of the contributions have come from groups who, as soon as they heard the Bahai Message, Wished to express their joy in its glorious revelation, through a con- tribution to its first universal house of worship in the Western world. Ienabi Fazel, with his Wife and Son, is expected to arrive in Chicago April 24th

  11. Volume 15, page 210 view | image
    210 THE BAHAT MAGAZINE TRAVELING AND TEACHING IN ALASKA MARIAM HANEY LASKA IS A VAST country, as the A teachers and speakers have in truth discovered as they travel in the usual and "unusual ways" of that land, viewing majestic scenes almost unsur- passed in beauty and grandeur, and meeting conditions interesting, unlooked for and thrilling. As far as Baha'i activities are con-- cerned in that corner of the world, we find that a city, or perhaps two or three, were visited by individuals mostly
    bent on commercial pursuits, but who in a quiet way proclaimed the doctrine of world unity and spiritual brotherhood to those who crossed their path and who seemed interested to learn of those truths which have come to the world to create an enlightened humanity. Then in 1916, we hear of Mrs. Susan Rice who spent an entire summer vaca~ tion in Alaska. The account of her trip all alone up the Yukon to Dawson was filled with deeply spiritual hours, espe~ cially at one little town on the way, where
    she gave the Baha'i Message to every one in the town. The fruit of her seed-- sowing foreshadowed what might be expected in the future in the way of a vital interest from the people in that land, for she left real friends and many attracted to the Cause at Fairbanks, White Horse and Dawson, and indirectly through her the Message was carried to Wiseman, the most northerly point, in- habited at that time. Later Miss Margaret Green received an appointment in an important library in Alaska
    , and as much as possible she shared with others her knowledge of the Message which is joy--b1-inging, and which includes that marvelous program for PEACE which shall be enduring through the application and living of the Baha'i Principles. Still later we find the history of the Cause i11 Alaska records the work of Mrs. Emogene Hoagg and Miss Marion Jack, who together spent over a year traveling from city to city, presenting the Baha'i Message publicly in many large and important gatherings as Mrs. Hoagg

  12. Volume 15, page 211 view | image
    . wide attention, and brought the Cause of God into many corners Where a teacher could not travel in person. One feels assured, as they hear of Mrs. Gregory's spiritual successes in Alaska, that when she was married to an Alaskan dentist not long ago, perhaps the guilding hand of the Master led her thither to particularly become a herald of His Cause where she could best serve and Where the field was so ready for the Baha'i teacher. Dr. Gregory Was first attracted to her as she publicly pro- claimed

  13. Volume 18, page 271 view | image
    century belonged to America, but that the present one is South Amer- ica's. As We leave Brazil, a country larger than the United States (leav- ing out Alaska), it does not take a very close observer to realize the de- velopments which are in store for mankind in this Southern Hemis- phere. The feeling ripens into con- viction when We later rejoin the friends We had left in Rio def aneiro and interchange With them the ex- periences and impressions We have gathered. The trip from Santos to Buenos Aires